Keep your running gear and any other underwater metals free of marine growth and protected against corrosion with Propspeed.

Fouling of running gear is a constantheadache for boat owners, requiring expensive and time-consuming grinding and sanding to remove marine growth at every haul-out. Take control with Propspeed—the cost-effective way to keep your marine vessel performing at its peak.

Apply Propspeed to your running gear and any underwater metals using our two-part system: a super-strong Etching Primer that bonds firmly to the metal substrate, ensuring the coating won’t flake, peel or wear away, followed by an ultra-smooth Clear Coat that creates a slick, nontoxic surface that marine growth can’t get a grip on.

Applied and maintained correctly, Propspeed will protect your underwater metals from marine growth for 1 – 2 years. Any marine growth that does attach can be easily wiped away while wet using a soft cloth. Thousands of happy boat owners around the world trust Propspeed to protect their assets and boost their performance.