Teakwood Decking

Highest Quality Burmese Teakwood is the most in demand for the yacht’s decking

Coppercoat Antifouling

The most durable and long lasting anti-foul coating currently available.


Antifouling is counteracting or preventing the buildup of deposits on the undersides of vessels particularly where your boat is permanently moored in the water.

Osmosis Treatment

Osmosis develops in GRP hulls when water gets into the laminate and reacts with resin and forms blisters.

Fiber & Gelcoat Repairs

With our Gelcoat Repair Services, we can get rid of annoying Scratches, Cracks, Ships or any damaged areas on your Gelcoat .

Interior & Upholstery

Here at Navi Safe, We pride ourselves on our ability to weave pure luxury and finesse into the furniture we upholster and the interiors we design and build.